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Lotta Kühlhorn was born in 1963, and barely ten years later had already decided that she wanted to be an illustrator! It took a little longer to achieve her ambitions, but after studies at Konstfack in Stockholm and a lot of hard work, she has turned her love of graphic design and illustration into a full-time profession.Lotta has worked with book cover design, editorial illustration, pattern design and a range other areas; she strives for consistency throughout her work - though determined that each piece should stand up in its own right; her work is bright and beautiful, bold and colourful (though she's not a huge fan of blue). If she's ever stuck for inspiration she only has to look to her favourite books or films, to nature, or simply take a look around the walls of her studio.


Coop, Elle, IKEA, NK, Svenska Spel, MQ, Yoggi, Dagens Nyheter, Tidningen VI, Tidnongen Arena, Systembolaget, Indiska, Apoteket, Pocketshop, Albert Bonniers Förlag, Norstedts, Månpocket, Wahlström & Widstrand, Piratförlaget, Ordfront, Atlas, Alfabeta