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Magnus Skoglöfs love for photography bloomed while he was attending high school. And during the nineties he did mostly portraits for major Swedish magazines. Eventually his passion for people and food brought him more and more into food photography. He now has 15 years of experience in that field and have been working with most of the chefs involved in the Scandinavian gastronomic movement. Magnus has published over 25 cookbooks up to date. Most of them award-winning. He is known for being able to work fast and likes to make things comfortable and easy for everyone when he is working; go with the flow, be adaptable, no drama. This way Magnus can truly capture the moment, the precision point when the essence of the food pops and soul of the subject shines.


Arla, Ica, HK Scan, Systembolaget, Electrolux, Grand Hotel, Hotel Diplomat, TAK, Gastronomi Sverige, Årets Kock, Mathias Dahlgren, Adam/Albin, Menigo, Norstedts, White Guides, Bonnier Fakta, SALMA, Sushi Sho, Lux, Gourmet, White Paper, Allt om Mat, to mention a few